Away Messages

Away Messages is an iOS Messaging app!

Whether you are on vacation, out of office, sick or just don’t want to be bothered you can now easily create a professional looking away message.

It’s simple and easy to use!

You just:
1.) Set your away message end date
2.) Pick a reason why you are out (can be custom)
3.) Pick an alternative contact while you are out
4.) Hit the create message button
5.) Send the created Away Message

Your previous settings will be saved, so all you have to do is hit the create message button the next time!

This app saves you time when you need it, during your time off

* Simple UI
* Set end date for your away message
* Preset messages for most common reasons to be out of the office
* Use your address book to pick an alternative contact while you are out
* Previous settings are saved to save you time on your next away message


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After downloading Away Messages, the app doesn’t show up?

That is because this is an iMessage app only.  Apple has created a whole new experience allowing apps to run right in a iMessage conversation.  Check out this step by step guide to find/enable Away Messages.

(For future reference Apple label’s iMessage only apps in the App Store in two ways, it says “iMessage app only” under the app icon and the app icon is a different shape then non iMessage apps.)

Does Away Messages send text response automatically?

No it does not.  Currently Apple doesn’t allow apps to send text messages for a user.  For safety/privacy reasons they don’t allow this, they don’t want apps to spam others on your behalf.  Away Messages instead does the next best thing, which is save you time by storing your information and generating your “Away Messages” message for you in a tap of a button.


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